Meet Larry Farley

Local Artist – Metro Detroit & Waterford, Michigan

My name is Larry. I’m a born and raised Michigan tattoo artist. I currently work in Metro Detroit but previously spent the past six years working in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Mt. Pleasant is my home base and I have a lot of friends and family there but I am looking to expand my career and clientele, so I relocated.

I’m an all around artist and I love everything to do with art. When I am not tattooing I am drawing, painting, sketching and doing more art. I am known for my realistic style. I enjoy doing tattoos that have a realism base with a surrealistic twist.

I have been published in a few magazines and I have won quite a few trophies for my tattooing. More though I really enjoy focusing more on my custom work. Custom tattooing is really what I enjoy doing the most. Every time someone comes to me with a unique or even silly idea is when I am really reminded on how much I love the industry. Also, I love learning from other artists and admiring other artists work, it gives me inspiration.

I would like to do more traveling as I get farther into my career, do more guest-spotting and tattoo conventions. I love going to the Detroit tattoo convention every year, but I would love to see what the rest of the worlds’ tattooing industry has to offer me.I guess you could say I live, eat and sleep tattooing, it is my life.